Matthew C Martino

Matthew C Martino is a Zimbabwean English actor, producer and author, was born on 27th October 1992 in Harare. His parents are Denias S. Chihwai and Beauty Chihwai, the founder of Marriage Builders. Matthew started his career with his self-publishing book ‘Lets Fly’ during 2012.

Matthew C Martino

He faced criticism for his opulent lifestyle even when his first effort ‘Lets Fly’ was declared as a loss. Matthew has had a strong passion for aviation since his young age and that led him to the publishing of ‘Lets Fly’ and launching aviation resource site ‘Lets Fly Academy’.

Mattew C Martino is a successful film producer as well. He invests in genre movies and also brokering finance and completion funds for documentaries and feature films. He lives in Brentwood with his parents and siblings. Though he was linked to a political career early in 2014, spokesperson called onto him not to run.

Matthew is regarded as a very young dynamic hard working personality but he says that he love football and it’s a shame that he never got to play! He shares stories of how he played the game from a young age in Zimbabwe and when he relocated to UK. He says “I often played in goal, but I started moving into defence and because I’m quicker on my left foot I managed to establish myself as a left back”.

He calls football his favorite sport and called on for more endorsement to be given to the game. He says “I think every young man loves this game and we need to ensure that there is enough support for aspiring footballers, it can be a difficult game to get into but after the initial intro is made many people dream could come true”. He promised to bring improvement in the football niche including supporting clubs and charities that offer chances for aspiring footballers.