Mallorca: 3 Elements Of A Dynamic Holiday

You are young, love extreme sports and want to feel adrenaline in your veins? Check out our list of what to do in Mallorca

Mallorca offers a huge variety of different attractions. Different types of tourists find something that will perfectly suit them. Families can visit Zoos, Aqua Parks and botanic gardens, but Mallorca has also something special in store for young people full of energy.

When you decide to rent a car in Mallorca you’ll avoid a lot of problems connected with public transport (all these annoying queues, dirty seats). It is desirable to book a car in advance in high season. Car rental can be arranged directly at Mallorca airport.


There are so many different kinds of extreme activities in Mallorca that we decided to divide them into 3 groups or by 3 elements: earth, water and air.

1st element. Earth

Mountain biking

Price: from 5 € for renting a bike

Duration depends on trails you choose

The easiest and cheapest way to feel adrenaline is mountain biking. If you are a good rider you know what to do. Just take your bike and rush to explore unknown trails, dangerous downhills in Mallorca. It guarantees you bright emotions and exciting adventure. But if you don’t feel confident on the bike, it’s better for you to attend special courses.

Rock climbing
Price: depends on courses you choose. Starts form 25 € per person.
Location: Valldemossa or Genova
Duration: 4-6 hours. Some courses offer two days of training
You can try the rock climbing if biking isn’t enough for you. There are a few courses where you will be able to learn basics of this sport. Rock climbing requires good physical condition and there also may be some age restrictions.

Horse riding
Price: starts form 50 € per person
Duration: is about 3 hours
Horse riding is more loyal for your physical shape. Some courses offer their services even for small children. It might be no so extreme or dangerous but in any case you will spend a great time and enjoy each minute of the riding. This attractions perfect for family men or loving couples.

Price: starts from 25 € per person. For each 100 balls you should pay extra money (approximately 5 €)
Duration: is limited only by the amount of balls you order.
This activity is perfectly suitable for an active company of friends, because about 10 people are needed for an exciting play. This game is not for those who are afraid of cuts and bruises. This game is created for brave ones who know how to play in the team and can withstand the pain of hitting the ball.

2nd element. Water

This element is represented by surfing, kitesurfing, jet skiing, kayaks and diving. The first two kinds of extreme water sports require some experience. These sports aren’t a very good choice for you in case you have never been surfing before. When you on holidays, you haven’t much time for learning and you won’t enjoy surfing if you don’t know how to control the board. You will constantly fall and swallow the salty water. So let’s skip these two activities.

Price: starts form 50 € per person.
Duration: strictly depends on how much you pay.
Diving is safe and very exciting kind of activity. Professionals will monitor your actions, so be sure you won’t stay in the water without oxygen. You can discover a new world with diving centers in Mallorca. The world full of bright colors, where special laws exist.

3rd element. Air

Price: 160 € per person.
Duration: is 4 hours
Our last element of dynamic holiday in Mallorca is represented by the ballooning. It is the great bird’s-eye view of the whole area! You will be able to spend a couple of wonderful and romantic hours with your soul mate.

Be sure you will spend an unforgettable holiday in Mallorca!

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a freelance writer. Travelling is her incredible passion and she loves to discover new places every day! She recommends using, which helps to compare all major car rental companies in the whole world to give you the best car rental deal.