Make Your Android Smarter with These Critical Applications

Google offers a wide variety of applications in its Play Store. Among them, we can find a number of applications whose sole purpose is expediting certain actions we take daily and sometimes several times a day.

These applications allow you to make more intelligent your device, making you more comfortable use your experience with your Android. When you have these applications installed, your terminal will know when you have it on hand when you can not disturb and when answering a call, among other things.

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Gravity Screen

Thanks to Gravity Screen, your device will know when it is inside a pocket, placed upside down on the table or are reading something without touching the screen.

Leveraging tilt sensors and proximity sensor, this application aims to get the maximum performance of these functions on the phone. So if you mess mobile in the pocket despite having the display on, will turn off automatically. Then, when you take it out, the device is unlocked so that you continue where you left off.

But not only fail thus sensors but in the case of the device to place face down on the table, will be locked. And when we catch back the phone, it lights up the screen. Your Android will know what you want and it will.

Finally, we must emphasize another function that brings this application and in my opinion, is what I liked. No wonder that we begin to read without touching the screen and dims it to off. Well thanks to a feature of this application, it will not happen to us, because it uses the sensitivity of the device to just move it on again. If we go on the bus or walking, the screen will stay on.

Another point in favor of this application is its configuration, and you can see that tilt has your Android. In addition, to test the response of sensitivity, we’ll just move the device, if the number turns gray, is responding. Useful and easy to set up. You can find Gravity Screen on Google Play so free and uploading to a premium paid version. Your phone will know where he is at all times.

Ex SpeakerPhone

The operation of this application is simpler but no less useful. SpeakerPhone Ex will go off – hook calls you receive as come near the phone to your ear. Taking advantage of the proximity sensor, ExSpeakerPhone knows when you have the terminal near the ear and receive the incoming call received at that time.

In my opinion, I think this is a function that would have to bring Android by default. No trouble click on the hook, but less difficult it to your ear without pressing anything. You can find SpeakerPhone Ex so free in Google Play.

Night Keeper

In short, this application is one of the famous Do Not Disturb that allows you to sleep without receiving any call or notification.

Night Keeper mute incoming calls and notifications you receive for your Android during the night is silent, allowing you to choose time slots in which you work.

One of the advantages of this application is the ability to create profiles, for example, can set an interval of rest for weekdays and one for weekends when we can sleep a little longer.

Finally, one of the things I liked Night Keeper, is the possibility of creating a whitelist, so that notifications or calls we receive from people who are on the list, we will receive as ever. Still, we can establish a counter repeated calls in a time slot for itself the miss, in the case of emergency.

The version PRO payment has more functions such as disabling WiFi, Bluetooth, and data and also will automatically reject calls you receive. For it will have to pay about € 1.50. You can download Night Keeper from the Play Store on a free or pay for the version PRO.