Looking For a Hair Brush? Be Careful

The hair brush doesn’t sound like the most complicated material for your hair care needs but the truth is that it can really make a difference when you’re trying to make your hair stand out. If you don’t have the right kind of hair brush then you might find that your hair will suffer from more stress than needed. You have to be careful when finding a hair brush as different types are more appropriate for certain kinds of hair than others as you are trying to keep it comfortable.

 Hair BrushAre You Detangling?

If you are trying to remove tangles from your hair then you should look for a brush that is designed to be a little easier for you to handle in this case. An oval cushion brush will be perfect for when you are trying to remove those tangles. This works best if the bristles are flexible. If they are far too rigid like what you’d see on a teasing brush then you might be putting your hair at risk as you use it.

Looking For Body?

If you want to add a bit of body to your hair then you will need to use a brush that has more coverage on all ends. A wooden round brush that has bristles on every end of its stick will work wonders for when you are trying to smooth out your hair and add a bit of body or volume to it. It especially works if you use a blow dryer, blowout in the process.

How Fragile Is Your Hair?

If your hair breaks easily and wears out quickly then you should avoid using a hair brush that features metal bristles. A ceramic round brush with metal bristles is only going to do more harm to your hair than help.

A teasing brush will not work for fragile hair either. The slim design of the brush is only going to really hurt the quality of your hair and keep it from being as sturdy as you might want it to be.

What About Straightening?

While they may not work for fragile hair, you can always use metal brushes to straighten your hair. This is especially critical if you have bangs that need to be taken care of.

A flat brush can also work well for when you are trying to straighten your hair. A round brush is going to be better suited for adding curls to your hair and should therefore be avoided if you want to keep your hair straight.

How Long Is Your Hair?

You should also think about how long your hair is when finding a brush. A half-round brush is not going to be safe for long hair as it might end up tearing up some of the thinner spots of your long hair.

Don’t ever assume that just any kind of hair brush will work for your needs. Check your needs for a good hair brush before you stick with one particular option so your hair will stay healthy. Every brush option will vary so you will have to be certain that you’re using only the right kind for your hair as desired.

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