Living among the homeless of Los Angeles

How often does one notice the homeless? Sadly, they are easy to miss. For many living in cities the homeless have become a way of life, just an unseen pile of clutter in the street to step around, or just an unseen shadow in a doorway to hurry past. If society is judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable members, it would do poorly, indeed.


However, documentary filmmaker Tim Smith is trying to bring awareness and humanity back to the homeless epidemic in this country generally and in Los Angeles, specifically. Tim Smith has decided to live on the streets of Los Angeles for one year, living as the homeless do, and document the experience.

To that end, he has created a kickstarter page asking for donations to help fund his important and groundbreaking film. Movie making is not without expenses and, through his kickstarter page, hopes to offset some of the post-production costs.

Deciding to live amongst the homeless for a year is a noble decision. Through his first hand experiences over the next year, Tim Smith will be able to show the public what it is like being down and out in LA. It is not without its risks. Living on the streets is a hard and, often times, a dangerous prospect. Which is exactly why it’s so important to expose the public to the daily challenges of survival on America’s streets.

Tim Smith is a true visionary, working hard to bring the stories that matter most, yet are the least covered in mainstream media, to the table of national debate. Through funding this project, one can be assured that they are, indeed, making a difference in someone’s life by helping to elevate a serious, national problem to the level it deserves in the realm of public discourse.

You can support this project and join the them at: