Learning How To Bartend

There are many options when it comes to learning how to bartend.

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want to bartend for fun or bartend for work. This will help you determine which path you should pursue to help you get the most out of your goals with bartending.


If you’re interested in bartending for fun, one of the best options is to simply watch a series of videos for free on YouTube that will teach you the basics of bartending and get you prepared to make drinks at a house party with your friends.

Another path is to ask an existing bartender to teach you how to make a few simple drinks next time you’re at the bar. Lastly, many restaurants and bars will host bartending classes at their venue that will teach you how to make several different drinks. It’s a fun and easy going environment to learn how to bartend.

However, if you’re interested in bartending for work, then I would highly recommend you get more formal education on the subject. Many students will choose to go the route of the in person bartending course that may cost upwards of $500 for a couple hours of instructions a night for a few weeks. This is a little pricy in my opinion since you don’t get to keep any of the training equipment either.

A better option is to go the route of an online bartending school.

These online bartending programs offer similar quality content as an in person bartending course while giving you the flexibility to complete your education on a schedule that works for you. The cost of these programs are also much less compared to an in person course.

An online bartending school typically ranges between $60 – $100.

This leaves you plenty of money left over to buy the proper bartending equipment to practice at home. An online bartending school is the best option because it’ll give you flexibility to complete the course, save you money upfront on the course and allow you to have a budget to buy and keep the proper bartending equipment.