Things to Look at When Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are a reliable alternative to mined ones. They are brilliantly beautiful and eco-friendly. It means you’re not paying something which leads to human sufferings.

You can wear them with complete peace of mind and ensure that you are using the best of your money.

Lab Grown Diamonds

However, with so many benefits, shopping for these diamonds isn’t simple. It is important to consider some points before you purchase these synthetic beauties.

The more you know about lab-grown diamonds, the easier it will get to shop.

Make sure you know their specs and qualities. It will help you to buy the best quality rings, pendants, bracelets anytime.

Manmade diamond companies offer you a lifetime guarantee, so keeping these points in mind, you should start your purchase:

1- Is the guarantee free from all kinds of conflicts?

Natural diamonds are mined by locals who are under financial burdens, hence they violate human rights and fund wars, but lab-grown diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free.

2- Is the outer hardness the same as a natural diamond?

Well, a natural diamond has a surface hardness of 10, and a manmade diamond has 9.5, somewhat the same.

3- Know about the index of refraction

Both the diamonds have an index of refraction of 2.42. Hence, it gets tough to differentiate.

4- How are they cut?

Mined diamonds are cut depending on cost, while lab diamonds are cut by hand. This is why lab-grown diamonds are an idea. A lot of time is spent on making them perfect.

5- How are they polished?

Both the natural diamonds and manmade diamonds are polished with the help of diamond powder. It gives them an authentic and beautiful look.

Lab-grown diamonds are the new-gen choice for people looking for reliable, authentic, sustainable, and ethical pieces.

You can find out more about them before you plan to purchase them.

One of the best pros of these stones is that get can be kept in all types of setting.

It doesn’t matter whether you use them with sterling silver, gold, or white gold, they look perfect with everything.

When choosing a reliable lab diamond company for your purchase, make sure you spend some time and get answers to all the questions mentioned above.

It will help you in making the best decision about where you should buy your diamonds.