Knowing about IPhone 5

The journey of the iPhone started in the month of June, 2007. On the 29th day of the month, the Apple Inc. came up with their first smartphone, the first iPhone, the first one of its kind. Huge demand in the market made Apple even to go further with their researches and come up with finest smartphones. 
From the time of the launch of the fifth generation of iPhones the iPhone 4S in the month of June, 2010, which again was a great heat, the market was just bubbling with the rumours of the iPhone5 which was finally launched on September, 2012. 
IPhone 5 is the sixth generation of the iPhone. Like the other iPhones, it also can take photos, shoot video, and play music, enables visual voice mails, internet browsing and GSM navigation.

It has got a multi touch screen and a virtual key board that serves as the user interface. It also has Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. So it has all the same features just like its predecessors. Where does it stand apart? 

IPhone 5 is even lighter and slimmer than iPhone 4S. It comes with a wider retina display and higher resolution. The FaceTime Camera of the sixth generation of iPhone is much improved. You can take still photos while recording a video and it also enables face detection and the memory can be stretched to as much as 64GB. 

Market of iPhone 5

Just after, it was officially introduced in the second week of September, 2012 the company was over-flooded with over two million requisitions within the next 24 hours. On its launch, the initial demand surpassed the supply. This iPhone has received positive comments from the reviewers and commentators. 
This is one of the fastest selling iPhone in the history of Apple. After the launch of iPhone 5, Apple offers discounts on its previous generations of smart phones and is the market leader in USA and Japan.


The other big players in the market are Android and Windows Phone. IPhone 5 is receiving good competitions from Android. Just after the launch of iPhone 5 they also came up with their new sleek model, so the competition is tough. IPhone 5 has opened a new era of phones but these other gadgets also do not lag behind in quality or utility. 
Though Apple leads the chart in USA and Japan, Android still is the global leader in the market. The market of smartphones continues to grow as one- third of the mobile users in western countries have not yet switched to smartphones, and in the growing countries of the third world demand for the smartphones are touching new heights day by day.

How to take care of your iPhone 5

So, after a lot of waiting and anticipating, and seeing the latest smartphone from Apple only in the hands of celebrities, finally you have got the one you ordered few months back. The first thing after you get it in hand is to ensure its safety. The first thing you should do is to buy and fix a screen protector, as this is the touchiest part of iPhone 5. 
Getting a mobile insurance for the iPhone is a necessity. To give the battery long life, you should discharge it fully at least once in every 15 days and recharge it at the “Switched Off” mode. This will keep the battery in proper condition and give it a long life.