Keylogger: Use Spytector To Keep An Eye On Your Employees Work

Wasting of time at work is a very common problem and almost every company is facing this problem on a day to day basis. Human body is not naturally adapted to sit and work for 9 to 10 hours per day, so the problems of employees wasting their time at work has always existed. We are not mentally and physically adapted to work continuously, when working our mind gets diverted towards other activities which results in wastage of time at work.

Spytector keylogger

Major culprits

The internet has made it very easy for the employees to waste their time. In today’s world, having a laptop or a computer with an internet connection is the best way to pass time and almost every worker in the whole world waste time through the web. The internet is very vast and offers plenty of options and things to do. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are the biggest culprit, as a large number of employees waste time on these platforms. They post, chat and tweet on these social media websites during work hours and waste their time. In the past few years, online shopping has become very popular and shopping websites like Ebay, Amazon and Flipkart have become popular websites among the employees and they spend a good amount of their work hours by browsing these websites.

Benefits of the Spytector

As an employer you are running the business through which you intend to earn money and when employees are wasting large amount of time, it is obvious it will have a bad impact on your business and you will incur a loss. This is where employee monitoring software comes handy, as it allows you to monitor the activities of your employees and see how much time they are wasting while at work. The major benefit of employee monitor software like Spytector is that you can see what your employees are doing at any time; therefore it let you know where the most of the time is being wasted and who is wasting them most. To learn more about it you can check out

It is completely invisible and undetectable computer monitoring spy software, thus your employees will never know that they are being watched unless you tell them. It also allows you to monitor the clicks and keystrokes that take place on the work computer of your employees. Spytector is very smart software as it does not appear in the Windows Task Manager nor detected by the Windows Defender.