Keep In Touch With Good Night Messages

Good night sms messages have changed the way people express their thoughtfulness to people whom they consider special. Whether the person who received the message is physically close or far from the sender, it is really fun and sweet to send good night messages because we let our loved ones know that we think and care about them before we shut our eyes.

good nightSome of these messages are funny, cute, inspiring and sweet which make people smile while they are tuck in bed waiting to fall asleep. You never know that special person might be in deep thoughts about his/her exhausting day and with just one good night sms message from you, he/she will feel comfortable and relieved.

So, make sure that before you lay back on your bed and taste the sweet embrace of slumber, you can take a minute to send a sweet good night sms message to a friend or a loved one.

Below are unique good night SMS messages that will definitely make them happy wherever they are tonight:

  • Each of us keep a dream inside our hearts, Hold on them and never let them go, because dreams are tiny steps we take from which beautiful tomorrow begins. May you have the sweetest dreams tonight. Good
  • I have the momentous nights when I dream about you. I wear the sweetest smiles when I think about you and I experience the best feelings whenever I am with you. Loving you is the best thing to do until Good night my love.
  • Do not regret the mistakes you did today. Good days make you happy, bad days give you lessons. All are God’s blessings because both are essential in life.
  • I have a gift for you tonight, a soft pillow for happy thoughts and a warm blanket for a comfortable Happy thoughts will give you wonderful dreams, while comfortable slumber will wipe away all your weariness. See you in the morning, good night.
  • Saying good night is not only about bringing the day to an end, indeed, it is my way of telling you that I think about you before going to sleep. Hope you feel how much I care about you despite the seas and skies that separate us tonight. Good night and sweet dreams.
  • The sun sets in the west, the birds are resting in their nests, here comes the moon beaming upon my window, and here I am remembering you. It’s time to sleep, let’s close our eyes and say sweet dreams.
  • In this lovely night I pray that the sparkling stars will guide you on your way that the evening breeze will blow your stress away and the blue moon will accompany you all through the night. Good night and sleep
  • The lovely night is so romantic, seeing those cotton clouds hugging each other, watching the stars glistening above the velvet sky, and feeling the cold wind dancing with the leaves. I invite them all to wish you good night, have a wonderful dream tonight.

I am crawling under the sheets, checking the clock on my wrist. It’s now time to bed, you might have gone to rest. I wonder how you are feeling today; I hope you’re doing okay. I wish you sweet dreams, sleep tight, my friend.