Just-Contact: The Ideal Real Time Portal for Businesses

Statistics are very important when it comes to business. There are several real time portals that have been developed to make business deals easy and to create customer satisfaction. 

With the portal developed by Just-Contact all customer communication statistics can be viewed in a single portal and in a single screen.
 This helps in saving a lot of time that goes in making calls, sending emails or other ways of screening activities.
The portal can get a complete data or details of the activities that had taken place in a week like number of customer calls made, the success rates of the email marketing campaigns and also the sales done by each one of the sales person in total in that week. 
With the entire data keyed in the system on Just-Contact getting the information is easy and can be done at any point of time. The target should be clear as to how many companies you are planning to contact in that week for business prospects then the report also should be clear and accurate.

The importing of the data keyed in is made easy by the real time portal of Just-Contact.com. Going to the import contact details page and upload the collected data and you can get the report in no time. There are different types of packages available from Just-Contact. The account gets created within no time through Just-Contact and a with a phone number purchased the calls can be made immediately through the online portal.

Once the payment is made instantaneous access is given to you by the portals. The choosing of an ideal package for you depends on what line of business you are in and what information is required out of Just-Contact portals. 

For more information about the Just-Contact you can go and check their website. Each and every feature is well explained and can be understood easily with the same. Understand your requirement and flourish your business by saving time with Just-Contact online real time portal.