IR Night Vision Camera: Seeing a different world through the lenses of infrared cameras

Recent developments in the camera technology have given rise to products that were part of science fiction until yesterday. These technologies have opened the doors to a whole new world of possibilities, giving birth to hundreds of cameras that can do stuff that are just out of this world. Infrared technology is one such interesting development. Advancements in this field have led to the widespread manufacture of cameras that can see in the infrared.
Infrared cameras have the ability to see light, beyond the viewing range of the human light spectrum. These cameras can see light lying in a variety of long-wave, mid-wave and short-wave spectral bands; something that human eyes fail to detect. Due to this, a multitude of infrared cameras with different thermal imaging capabilities have come up.
To the common man, this technology is limited to only night vision camera and thermal imaging. This night vision camera allows the camera to capture live photo and video in ultra-low or no light. These night pictures are obviously nothing like their daytime counterparts, instead pictures or videos taken with a infrared cameras appear green to the human eye.
On the other hand, a night vision camera can sense heat signatures in its viewing field. These cameras can sense the difference in the heat signatures of any entity that is present in its vicinity. This signature can then be presented or captured for later viewing by a user.
This technology is fun to use if you are completely new to this breed of photography. A more professional application of this technology is by the heat seeking missiles used by the armed forces. There are various other advantages of these cameras. They are the cornerstone for thermal imaging, imaging at high frame rates, and custom exposure time.
IR camera has become immensely popular in a many industries. With a multitude of applications, the IR camera has become a crucial tool in major industries like manufacturing, research and development, target signature measurement, medical imaging, non-destructive test or NDT. Hence, it is clear, IR camera or infrared cameras and in turn night vision cameras have proven to be effective in fields, more than one.