Invest Of Fahad Al Tamimi Saved The Italian Football Team

Fahad Al Tamimi is a popular name in the business world of infrastructure. It is evident that, over the past decades, he is the name behind quality infrastructure. There is no doubt of the fact that it is Fahad Al Tamimi that has played a crucial role to create a revolutionary change in the sector of infrastructure especially in Saudi Arabia. Apart from creating a drastic change in industrial sectors, he is a keen supporter of football.


Apart from investment in a diverse range of portfolio of natural resource, Fahad Al Tamimi is the founder and partner of TIMCO or Tamimi Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. The partner of Al Haitam, Amarco hotel and many more and the former chief executive officer of Saud Consult that is considered as one of the largest engineering company of Saudi Arabia, is the sponsor of a football team. USD Noto, the Italian football club placed at Sicily is proud to get TIMCO as their official partner.

 Exciting investment

 In spite of the fact that he invests in various sectors of Middle East, to reach the business goal of the company, this particular investment is purely for the charitable purpose. He wishes to save the club that is struggling for existence. Although the stadium of the club was built up during 80s, it was never completed and neglect for all the previous years. TIMCO provided the required fund so that the stadium can undergo the required renovation in 2010.

 The sole purpose of the investment is to create a better community. It is interesting to note that, unlike world famous football club; this club is closely connected with the local community. Moreover, he also does not seek to get the maximum exposure from their investment. Interestingly, the investment of the famous business personality has shown its worth and the club has gained two promotions in the past eight years.