Interesting Facts about Genetic Fitness Testing

Wondering why studies of nutrition are demonstrating so many contradictory results? Well, the reason is our diverse genotypes.

It’s true when it comes to dieting the composition of food consumption is pretty much the same, like whole foods which includes lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins. But with regard to tuning the body for weight loss, optimum health or performance the reactions and needs vary from person to person.


This is the very reason each person needs unique composition of consumption by understanding the requirements and necessities. These differences depend on genetic variations.  This emphasizes the need for Genetic fitness testing.

There is no doubt the body size, skin color, hair type, and also predisposition to illnesses depends on how the genes interrelate with the environment. For example, the genes of a specific person might suggest that they will grow up to height 5’5” to 5’8”. However the actual height due to interaction between environment and genes is lesser, this could be because of the malnutrition the environment is providing.

The food consumed early in life (especially what the mom would have consumed during pregnancy) matters a lot. It directly affects the genes and also regulates traits- which include development of diseases after many decades. Diabetics, obesity, breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases are few of such kind.

Genes can be influenced by many things like nutrient excesses or deficiencies mainly during crucial developmental life stages; dietary components for example omega-3 fats, cruciferous vegetables, phytoestrogens, carotenoids, lycopene and folate; Vitamin D and sunlight; toxins like industrial chemicals, heavy metals andpesticides; viruses and bacteria; activity and exercise; alcohol and various other drugs; circadian rhythms like sleep, and shift work; and will host many other factors that human are not aware of. Get more details and information with regard to Genetic fitness testing from