Improve Your Performance with Mizuno Mp-54 Golf Products

Mizuno Golf is basically identified as a North American iron company. The prolific lineup of mizuno mp-54 products renders something or the other for every player. the MP series that is positioned historically arrays a great diversity by offering a  wide variety of builds, shapes, and sizes. In various ways, the new series of MP-54’s showcases this particular mixture by simply blending features those features that are common in golfer irons, while ingeniously offering few things that are significance in game improvement markets.


About the MP-54 Irons

Designing Details

  1. The MP54 irons are basically powerful Grain, thick, Flow irons that are crafted for awakening the shotmaker in those players who require a lesser amount of forgiveness.
  2. The deep Milled (3-7 iron) Pocket Cavity tends to deliver constancy on all the off-center strikes, on the other hand a sole that is heavily beveled ensures better turf interaction along with enhanced  workability for taking the striking ball to the next level.
  3. The intense  feel of MP54 iron`s one piece Grain Flow Forged 1025E Mild Carbon steel assembling is finely tuned through certain Step Muscle designs that  tend to retain thickness behind the impacts.


Tech Specifications of the product

  1. Step Muscle Designing: the Step Muscle designing of the player iron tends to create additional thickness along with rendering a concrete impact for solid feel.
  2. Milled Pocket Cavities (3-7): Off center constancy, steep landing angle along with higher launch.
  3. Perimeter Grind: Reduces sole width and topline appearance.
  4. Solid Muscle Design (8-PW): maneuverability and Enhanced feel.
  5. Custom Sets: custom sets are widely available in combo/mixed sets along with MP-H4 long iron alternatives.
  6. The stock shafts integrated in MP54 irons is the genuine S300 Temper Dynamic Gold.  As per set standards, the product comes with 3-PW having a retail price of $999.
  7. Technological specs

As aforementioned, Mizuno specifically designed MP-54 as bridge-set of sorts. The major goal was to offer a conventional MP profile for offering things like turf interaction, workability and superior feel along with providing forgiveness and higher launch, specifically in mild and longer irons. In a true sense, this is basically a combo set within a set. This is absolutely fine line for walking in which Mizuno attempts for accomplishing it via modest Milled Pocket Cavities in 3-7 irons (which is specifically designed for enhancing the off-center performances but also drop weight backs and low for promoting enhanced launch) and this is what they call as solid muscle designing in scoring irons (which tends to bring weight closer towards the face for promoting improved workability along with flatter trajectory).

The term ‘muscle’ is being liberally used here; the MP-54’s are basically cavity backs throughout the entire sets, with mid and low irons having milled pockets. Despite of being on compact end of spectrums, the MP-54’s is definitely larger than rest of the MP offerings. Mizuno took some concrete steps for giving them an enhanced streamlined appearance, what is widely known as Perimeter Grind. The material is removed from the edge of the trailing sole and topline.