Important Things to Note While Installing Half Steps

Shifting to a new home involves a lot of hassles. Things can become even more bothersome if you or any of the members of your family suffers from any kind of physical disability. However, the master plans of the residential units built by the housing associations seldom cater to the requirements of the people with special needs. Hence, you might need to adapt your property to your convenience.


Property Adaptaions And Half Steps

Property adaptations are basically the renovations that you might need to undertake to make your new home a comfortable place to live. They can be broadly categorized into minor adaptations and major adaptations. Minor adaptations include the installation of stair rails; grab rails, half steps and the like. On the other hand, major adaptations encompass changes as stair lifts, floor lifts, door widening, building an extension and similar services. However, tenants with individual needs differ in their requirements. In most cases, people with special requirements prefer customizing their homes through minor adaptations, because undergoing major adaptations can be both expensive and time consuming.

Who Can Benefit

When it comes to considering the minor facts of home adaptation for the elderly and/or less-abled people in your family, it is imperative to think of installing half steps, access doors and the like. Half steps are, in fact, one of the most widely recommended adaptations by the experts. It can be extremely helpful to people who have a bad, instable knees or those suffering from walking disabilities while they navigate around the home.

The Services Of OT’s

It is always sensible to install half steps on your home because they can aid people having difficulty getting over the threshold of the front door. However, before you undertake any adaptation to suit the need of your people, the housing association that you hire/ buy accommodation from might ask an Occupational Therapist (OT) to assess the extent of modifications you need for a comfortable living. Such professionals can also determine if you will be entitled to a disabled facilities grant. Many of the housing associations have their own property services team to carry out such assessments.

The Aesthetics Factor

However, just because you are accommodating someone with disabilities, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to shack up in a tight environment. There are a number of companies offering half steps in a number of smart, space saving and modular designs. You can ask the professionals to have the half steps customized to your specific colour choices and can have your unit in preferred lengths, angles, unique locks, latches and with or without pinch hinges. So they can be used to accessorizing your home. Simply let your juice of creativity flow freely.

Other Things To Note

However, make sure that the half steps you construct have low rise steps between 75 mm- 150 mm. To make your special member of the family feel at ease and safe at home, make sure that it is paired with handrails and adjustable step rises. You might also consider buying some of those readymade versions of half-steps. In that case, do not look for the cheaply made options available. Instead, look for very hardy products that can sit on almost any surface, including gras and soil. They should also have an extremely slip resistant surface. Otherwise, users might land up with unwelcome mishaps.