Importance of Education and the Math system

With the ever increasing populace throughout the world, we would be a bunch of illiterate and ignorant human beings, had there been no education system introduced across the globe. The need of a proper and effective education system has been duly realized by the nations and hence a marked improvement has been witnessed in introducing new and advanced teaching methods of various disciplines. Mathematics being one of the most interesting subjects has been given special attention due to its practical application in various fields of life.

Due to conventional methods of teaching Mathematics, most of the students find it a boring subject which is in fact in contrast tot the reality. The Kickstarter gave way to such a project by GPA Challenge which negates this common perception and comes up with the latest method of teaching Maths. Yes! In a small span of time, their teaching method has got the recognition of the University of Michigan besides many other southeastern Michigan schools.

The school students learn Mathematics by real world applications and examples which enhance their analytical skills as well as reasoning aptitudes. The books and resources designed by GPA Challenge present an opportunity to the students to apply their prior understanding of various formulas of Maths. In contrast to the conventional methods of teaching, the Challenge takes up the subject as language making it easy for the students.

For school kids, it is ensured to develop their interest in the subject instead of sticking to the conventional boring techniques and for a higher level of College, the students are encouraged to apply their faculties of reasoning and intelligence. Therefore, whether it is school level or college curriculum, the students develop the understanding of Maths vocabulary and are better equipped to take up advanced courses of the subject to shape up their future.