Impactful Business Certificates to Consider in 2021 and Beyond

With the passage of time, education has seen one increasingly common trend: breaking a major subject off into multiple specialized categories. It’s an inevitable part of education’s growth as a whole because our knowledge and technology continue to increase exponentially with each passing year.

Why an Ordinary MBA Might Not be Enough Today

Impactful Business Certificates

As we are discussing business certificates here, let’s take the example of the classic master’s in business administration (MBA) degree. It is still a highly sought-after certificate, but only when completed from a reputed institution with the right authenticating credentials.

The program must also be updated to reflect the changes that are constant and ongoing. At the same time, a modern MBA course should also integrate the core principles of business management and administration.

However, irrespective of how complicated or extensive an MBA course might be, it cannot be expected to cover every spectrum of business education in its awe-inspiring vastness.

This is why there are plenty of other courses that the modern student and executive should also consider before deciding which one best fits their specialized needs. To that end, let’s take a brief look through some of the best options we have at our disposal today.

Business Essentials Certificate

A business essentials certificate course can be completed in-residency or online at Although there are other business courses available, what makes this particular Kelley Business certificate particularly suitable for a wide range of students is its meticulous design to:

  • Help integrate and improve one’s capacity for understanding and implementing fundamental corporate ideologies, as well as practical business skills
  • Broaden the student’s perception regarding the core mechanics of business operations and corporate tactics
  • Help students understand how their decisions as a manager can impact the organization positively or negatively
  • Teach students about creating a successful professional development plan

Executive Certificate in the Business of Life Sciences (ECBLS)

The ECBLS program needs no special introduction, but we will highlight some of the course’s core components to provide the reader with an idea of what to expect.

  • Exploring the various problems and the necessary strategies to solve those problems as a manager or a business leader working in the field of life sciences
  • Educating students regarding leadership vision, talent acquisition and management, inspiration, and managing changes
  • Educating students about the fundamentals of the value chain and how the concept can be applied in healthcare or any other life science related business
  • Strategic accounting, marketing and financial management courses for executives in companies dealing with life science related businesses

These courses are each important to their respective students, but there are more to consider if you are looking for something else. For example, the leadership and change certificate is highly recommended for aspiring business leaders who are getting ready to shoulder the responsibilities needed. On the other hand, someone willing/planning to head a project soon should consider a project management certificate instead. By the time you are done going through the options, you will be reminded of what we discussed in the intro; education is getting too vast for us to keep all aspects of modern business education limited to a few comprehensive courses only.