Ice bucket challenge, a globally accepted challenge

This challenge is even called the ALS ice bucket challenge which is activity that involves dumping a bucket of ice water on the head and this is globally accepted as a challenge to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). This challenge has nominated people across the world including the celebrities as well who have poured a bucket full of ice water on their head and even nominated others to do so.

ice bucketThis kind of stipulation is that nominated participants have 24 hours to comply by way of a charitable financial donation. And these have come as a viral for becoming the best video on the vine as these are quite playfully recommended videos on the vine to support the diseased people. These videos are interesting and the best part is the nomination part where you can nominate any one of your choice to take this challenge and the next continues with the same. This challenge is to create awareness about the disease and make the people collect some funds for the campaign.

In these video people have used the ice cubes and the ice water to pour over their head and the next challenge is to be made by them to do the same for the person they nominate. This idea for dumping cold water on head to add money for charity and this challenge was first known as the cold water challenge and was quite popular on social media in areas of the northern United States.

This usually involves the option of either donating money to cancer research or having to jump into cold water. The video of this ice bucket challenge was first posted as a video on you tube on May 20 2014 and then later it was popularized among the people.

How can we make our video on this challenge?

They can just make a video with this challenge at any time on the day and even in the night and post it through the mobile smart apps on the vine on the preferred website and then make it public through the vine website. It’s quite interesting one where we can make the videos of our friends and pets and post it on the site called as the best vines video of the #IceBucketChallenge.

This challenge received quite a good response in the country of USA on June 30 2014, when the personalities of the programme called the morning drive that was aired on the golf channel showed this social media phenomenon and had performed live ,called the on air challenge on ice bucket. Soon after that the video got popularized and people and celebrities all across the world tried for this challenge and had made post their videos on the web.

Does this challenge have any rules?

This ice bucket challenge have got the rule that within 24 hours of being challenged the participants have to record the video of the self and that should be a continuous footage. Where they need to first accept the challenge followed by pouring ice into a bucket of water and then lift the bucket and pour it over the participant’s head. It can be like the participant can call out others for the challenge as well.