I Have Been Thinking That Trying To Buy More Twitter Followers Might Be A Solution For My Problem

I have a website, and it has a Facebook and twitter profile that go along with it, but neither of them have very many fans. It’s kind of in various things, actually, because people go to my website and then check out my social media profile and they look empty and deserted.


What I really need is to have a big following established so that my website looks really popular. I need it for credibility, mainly, although it would be kind of nice to have an entire army of people following me on twitter.

I have been thinking that trying to pay for twitter followers no password required might be the answer to my problem. Even if they weren’t real people that were interested in everything but I have to say, at least it would solve the issue of having an embarrassingly low social media following when people check it out from my website.

Right or wrong, I have found that these days your credibility and your popularity are pretty much synonymous. If you have a lot of twitter followers are Facebook fans, people think that you are really good at your job. If you hardly have any, people think that it means you don’t know what you are doing — or what you are talking about.

If I had a lot of twitter followers, even if it was just for the numbers, I know that people would think that I was better at the service that I provide, even if that makes no sense when you think about it logically. It’s just the way the world works, and that’s human nature in the 21st century.

The problem I’m running into when thinking about buying new twitter followers is that I have no idea where I should look for a service provider to purchase twitter followers from. I would assume that, just like with anything, there are both scrupulous and unscrupulous people big deals in this commodity. I don’t know how to tell the good vendors from the bad vendors, so I have been paralyzed with indecision.

Now the twitter offers ad campaign, maybe I will just run some ads and see if I can get my following raised that way. It would probably be a lot more expensive and I wouldn’t get the kind of huge numbers that I would get if I bought followers, but at least I understand it.