How Travelling Helps You Discover a New Self?

The Earth is packed with never-ending wonders, experiences and speculates that one can hardly experience in one lifespan. From the astonishing rainforest of Amazon to Canadian tundra or the welcoming Kenyan village and its community to the boat life of Thailand, the planet has beautified it all-over with unending subjects that students are taught in their classroom sessions. The experience is absolutely classroom based and limited within different textbooks. Undeniably, for children keeping those geographical landscapes, historical places or the lifestyle of people living in desert or tundra in their memory matters a lot.

As per the version of Mack Prioleau who underwent his first world tour only at the age of eight and visited 19 countries globally, that travelling teaches us a lot not only in our student life but all through our lifetime because they’re just colossal. As of today, when Mr. Mack is undergoing his higher degree from Vanderbilt University with specialization in Economics thinks that the long voyage  taught him quite a lot and not in the terms of those ‘hard’ ‘dry’ bookish languages but akin to a practical session. Therefore, the role of travelling is ample especially in one’s student life when all these information like people’s culture, nature of rainforest or heritage places of Indonesia get stuck in memory for ever.

In this long world tour, together with his family members he visited nations including Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the UK and others. The experience of seeing the amazing beauty of nature mother, its varieties of landscapes or community life stirred the budding kid’s mind making him an avid nature lover.

Backed by his excellent academic record, the University student says that apart from varied topographies, historical backdrops and distinct heritage paces, during the journey you will come across diverse cultures while they’ve dissimilar manners, customs, social standard as well as cuisine preferences. All through your travelling course, you go on learning things related to Eastern to Western cultures. From lively hilly streams to great sea beaches and snowy mountain peaks to dense forests, the metropolis, country sides everything that you see educates you continually.

The special attribute and enthusiasm that makes Mack Prioleau poles apart from many youngsters of his age group is his heartfelt involvement in varieties of philanthropic projects in and around his city place. In the holidays, weekends and many other times he is found educating the society boys who are unprivileged, poor and deprived on variety of subjects, ideology and moral science. His active participation in a series of humanitarian activities has been highly appreciated by different philanthropic societies and establishments from all across the US.

Another great acknowledgement of Mr. Mack is his amazing skill and performance in playing football and golf. He has participated in a number of inter college and intra university football tournaments as the team captain of his football him and achieved win with his great game plan and leadership. His best hobbies, other than travelling, are fishing, surfing, hiking and hunting. For him hunting is a great excitement-packed outdoor activity however, he is absolutely against killing the creature lives and animals.