How to Use Print Screen on a Mac OS X Computer?

Taking a screenshot on a computer with Mac OS X software is complicated. Below article will help you to show how to print Screen on a Mac. With the help of Print Screen Mac function users who are experienced with Mac OS can easily take a screenshot. Mac OS is a simple function and not complicated as many think. But this article will be more useful for Windows or Linux users.

If you are using a windows PC it is relatively easy to take the screenshot of the complete screen on the screen. By Pressing “Print Screen” or “PrtScr” on the keyboard that you use it easy to take a screen shot. After pressing the key the screenshot will be automatically takes a full size of the screen and save it to the clipboard. For saving or exporting this screenshot into an image file, one will need assistance from Photoshop or Microsoft Paint. You just need to paste the content to the paint program and save it as a new image file.

Let’s see about Mac, how about taking a screenshot on the Mac software.

The Mac Print Screen Feature – Very Simple Steps

It is more advanced and easy to take a screenshot of computers screen on Mac OS X.

There are three methods used to take screenshot in a Mac:

· Take a screenshot of the complete screen.

· Take a screenshot of the specific part of the screen.

· Take a screenshot of a destined application.

In Mac OS, you don’t need assistance from any photo editor applications to capture a screenshot. Three key combinations work out while taking a screenshot on a Mac computer with each key having a specific job.

Taking a screenshot of full screen with Print Screen Mac Shortcut

The keystroke that is used to take the screenshot of the full screen is Command+Shift+3. The image file gets automatically saved to the desktop screen of your Mac Computer. Suppose you are using multiple monitors then the procedure will take a file with a larger image that includes all the connected monitors.

Taking a screenshot to capture a selected part of the Screen

The key combination that is used to capture a selected part of the screen is Command+Shift+4. The part depends on the selection of the user. The moment the keys are pressed, a selection box pops up and this will allow the user to choose the particular part of the Mac screen that needs to be captured. Finally it automatically saves the image on the Desktop.

The entire instructions to capture a selected part of screen are:

1. Hit Command+Shift+4 and then the pointer will change to the crosshair pointer.

2. Move the crosshair pointer to the area that needs to be captured.

3. Drag the pointer to choose the area and then release the same. The screenshot gets automatically captured.

The user can also hold Shift, Option or Space to change the way the part is chosen and for changing the already selected part press Esc to cancel the same.

Taking the screenshot of a particular application with print screen Mac

Follow the below instructions to take the screenshot of a specific application:

1. Press all the keys simultaneously: Command+Shift+4.

2. Once the keys are pressed the cursor will change to “+”.

3. Next press Spacebar or Space Key the cursor will turn to camera icon.

4. Move the camera icon and click the application that the user wants to take a screenshot and the image will get automatically saved.

According to this useful Print Screen Mac guide it is better to change the location of saving the photos else the desktop can turn to be messy with all the saved screenshots. With this simple guide you can successfully learn to take screenshot using a Mac OS X Computer.