How to Use Cash Wedding Gifts to Invest In Your Future

Cash is a common wedding gift. It is easier to give cash than gifts as a couple may receive multiples of the same gifts. Invest wisely, and choose the option that works best for your needs as a newly married couple.


Start an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is very important to have. You never know when illness, serious injury or job loss may occur. It leaves you scrambling to make ends meet and take care of your household. An emergency fund should consist of enough money to cover every household expense for no less than 6 months.

Using cash wedding gifts to start your emergency fund is smart. You can always borrow from the fund, just make sure to replace the funds over time.

Purchase Life Insurance

Life insurance is considered an investment because you are investing in ensuring that your family can afford your final expenses upon your passing. Using wedding cash gifts to purchase a few years of coverage is a good way to get a jump start on saving to continue to pay for the coverage.

Invest in Technology Stocks

Technology continues to evolve. Investing in the stock market with reputable technology companies often returns impressive yields. . If you have saved some with a discounted venue, like some of those available through, the extra savings can also be used toward your future.  If this is what you choose to use those cash gifts for, seek the advice of a stock market analyst or financial advisor to ensure that the company or companies chosen are the most ideal for your financial goals.

Add it to Down Payment Funds

If you and your new spouse plan to purchase a home after the honeymoon, put some of the cash received from wedding gifts toward the down payment. The more you can put down and pay upfront, the better it will be for your mortgage payments. Even if it is a few dollars less with a little extra put down, it is a few dollars you can use somewhere else each month, like home improvements.

Create a Trust Fund

If you plan to have children, start a trust fund that they can use to attend college or secondary school with. In the event of a family tragedy or emergency, this fund could be borrowed from. It is best to begin the fund that builds interest. The interest adds up over time and helps add to the fund’s balance. Securing your children’s future education is ideal.

Investing may not be on your priority list as newlyweds, but it is a good way to start securing your financial future. Things come up in life and you will need financing to get through the unexpected things. Investments are a good way to have those funds available as you can quickly sell stocks or make a withdrawal from an emergency fund. Saving the money gifted could also help you afford an emergency home repair or renovation. Be creative when deciding to invest and choose an option that best suits your financial goals and needs.