How to Send and Receive Instant Payments Online?

Do you require sending money to your family staying in another location/country? Today there are lots of secured online payment websites that helps you to send and receive instant payments in easier way. These websites not just have limitation to work for one or two countries, but they have more one hundred and ninety countries and deal in twenty one currencies to make day to day life easier.

With the advent of these websites, you can send and receive payments worldwide. You can send and receive from multiple recipients also, send gift to your near and dear ones through it. There are lots of positives in using these amenities such as you can manage your expenses and even pay back the loan and keep tabs on your payments through it. Here are some of the popular methods to send and receive payments:

Escrow: It is a highly recommended payment method for people that work from home or those who have online business. In this, the buyer pays for the purchase that he/she makes in advance, though the seller will only receive the payment only after the goods or services is delivered. The paid funds are held by the third party and when the said thing is delivered the buyer will instruct an escrow agent to release the payment.

Bank Transfer: We all know this, but not all uses them because people still do not trust with online paying and receiving methods. Today, almost all the banks are offering online banking to the customers’ world-wide. This is something very safe, secure and trustable when you want to make transaction to another bank in the other corner of the world.

PayPal: It is one of the safest, easiest and fastest ways to send and receive instant payments from any part of the world. Here at the efunds can be transferred instantaneously and this one is known for charging low service fees. A person whose major business transaction happens online, then using this online method for sending and receiving payment offers hassle free monetary transactions.

Apart from above three, there are other different online send and receive payment methods that easy and quick such as Amazon payments, Stripe, WePay, Google Checkouts, Dwolla, etc.

There are many online payment facilities through which you can conduct your e-commerce activities without hassles, all you have to do is choose that has wide range of features and charges less of fees.