How to select poster printer paper

To get superior quality posters, using a good poster printer is not enough unless it is accompanied by good quality poster printer paper. Creation of highly effective instructional materials is only possible when you get both things right. Poster papers are available in rolls and you have to know the method of selecting it.

poster printer paper

Making a wrong choice can spoil your posters. Learning about how to proceed in selecting the right kind of paper will give you the confidence of creating superior quality posters.

Rules for selecting paper

There are three types of poster printer papers that have been discussed here.  All are suitable for thermal printing but each one has it specialty that make it distinct from others. Check with the printer manufacturer to know which kind of paper that will be suitable for the printer you are using.

The general rule for selection of a poster printer paper is to choose the type followed by the color and then the size of paper that the printer can accommodate so that you can make best use of the templates that are provided by the printer’s software.

Thermal transfer Plus (TTP) – This is also known as High Impact TTP Paper and has the property of withstanding sunlight that makes it suitable for long use. The color will not fade in sunlight. This paper can be used with cold or hot laminators and can be ideally used outdoor or indoor. It longevity is more than other poster papers. A film of color can be used to transfer color to the poster by thermal action. The longevity can be put to good use by using these posters on campus without the fear of fading even for a year. Two color printing in blue and white is possible on this type of paper with base and text color changing options that can be activated by selecting the right Mode setting on the printer. Special neon colors are also available. Posters of sizes 17, 23, 29 and 36 inches are available in a roll of 85 feet.

Direct Thermal paper (DTP) – This chemically coated paper is suitable for daily use and can be cold laminated only. It fades in sunlight and is thus good for indoor use only. These are best suited for use in classes as it will last for less than a year. Bi-color (two color) printing in blue and white is possible with the same option of changing colors between text and base using the Mode button of the printer. Size options are same as that of TTP type paper and it comes in a roll of 100 feet.

Heavy duty Poly Paper (HDP) – This paper does not tear and it can withstand moisture that makes it exclusive for outdoor use although indoor use is not prohibited. This plastic based paper is unaffected by UV rays and rain. Black and white or red and white are the color options for this poster paper that is available in 23 inches size only and comes in a roll of 23 feet.

Knowing the types well will definitely help you make a wise choice with minimum hassle.