How to Safely Store Your Ham

You can store fresh ham in your refrigerator for a period of five days before you cook it. Cured ham can be refrigerated for a week in its original packaging.

Photo by Deddeda Stemler

For other kinds of hams, read the label on the package. It is possible to store a few varieties in cool places for a period of up to two months, but it is to be kept in mind that with the passage of time, country ham toughens and shrinks due to evaporation. A number of canned hams need refrigeration even before they are opened. Any kind of ham must be refrigerated after opening its can and must be eaten within five days.

You can keep whole hams frozen for a maximum period of three months. Country style hams, once cut, should be used within two days as they are highly perishable. If there are leftovers, then they can be kept frozen for a month. If it is frozen for too long, then the ham will turn greyish brown and lose its rosy color. The original texture will also be lost.

Canned hams, if unopened, can be refrigerated up to 9 months. If opened, canned ham can be frozen and tightly wrapped for up to a month. Dry-cured and raw ham like prosciutto must be wrapped tightly and stored in the refrigerator up to a limit of five days.

Storing sliced ham

Take an airtight plastic container and put a folded paper towel at the bottom of the container. You can substitute the paper towel with baking paper with a wax side. Remove the sliced ham from its plastic packaging and put it into the lined container. Put a folded baking paper or folded paper towel  on the top and close it firmly.

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