How to Polish Your Instagram and Take Marketing to a New Level

Is your Instagram account ready for immense business opportunities that arise from business profiles? Are you wondering what you can do to polish your Instagram account? How to optimize your brand? There are so many small details that many people tend to overlook, but what they don’t know is that these thing can make a significant difference between just a normal Instagram account and a rock star Instagram.

Your photo

Although this may appear as a no-brainer, many marketers still make this mistake. The profile image of your Instagram account usually looks small on your phone, and for that reason it is wise that you upload something eligible.

The best thing to do is to stick with the logo of your brand. Many people use this important space to put small texts or low quality images that cannot even be read. It is very hard to screenshot and scan the photo

Your biography

The character limit on Instagram is usually small, therefore, you need to get to the point faster. Do not writing a lot of things about your company that don’t make sense. Just use short sentences that convey the intended information directly, and tell your followers what you do best. Another great way to use this limited space is to use emoji’s instead of words.


If you did not know, you now should know that the link space is the only live part of the account, except for the paid ads. Therefore, it is the only live link. Therefore, don’t waste it sending traffic to your homepage. Design a unique landing page for your followers.


Most of the times, marketers don’t even bother with the meanings of their hashtags, more so when they use some kind of acronyms. Therefore, ensure you check hashtags before posting on your account.

Posting schedule

Most marketers don’t know that people notice their inconsistent posting schedule. This is also apparent on Twitter and Facebook, and more vivid on Instagram. Well, although it might be difficult to get content to post on a daily basis, but you should post at least twice in a week. If not, just get out of the network completely, because your efforts are going to waste.


Even bigger companies sometimes don’t have the experience, and they more often than not don’t know what to post. Therefore, the best thing to do to ensure you market your brand as well as possible, keep your branding and messaging as consistent as possible.

Comments, tags, follows, followers, engagement

The most important thing to note is to always to engage. Instagram is all about being social. Make sure you respond to your comments. You should also follow amazing brands and tag them all the handles. Show people that you are still active user on Instagram. Show people that you appreciate and enjoy their comments, this will initiate more conversations.

On the other hand, if you ignore comments and your followers, you will be losing a lot of opportunities. So make sure you respond to your comments and followers, and don’t forget to buy Instagram views on