How To Pick Your Scrubs

When you think of a uniform, one of the most recognized is the clothing worn in the medical profession. Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff often wear scrubs as work clothing. The term “scrubs” is a broad term for the medical uniform worn by either men or women and can be a top, pants, a tunic, or lab coat. What color and style you wear will depend on several factors.


Hospital Dress Code
Some facilities have uniform standards of a specific style, color or fit. For example employees may be identified based on the color of their uniforms. Nurses may be required to wear blue, X-ray techs may wear green and interns and doctors may wear white. However, most offices and facilities leave style and color to the personal choice of the employee.

Scub tops tend to be loose fitting, pullover styles. The pants may have an elastic waist or a drawstring waist. For employees who do not do a lot of physical work, like a receptionist, there are wider selections of styles that are more fashion oriented.

Most scrub tops and pants have pockets. Workers in medical facilities may need to carry instruments to do their jobs. For example, most need a place to keep gloves, pen or pencil to make notes or a pocket for scissors. A well made pair of scrub pants may have cargo style pockets, loops or D rings for instruments, and side pockets. Some pants also have darts at the knees to make bending easier.

Unless a place of work designates a color, hospital uniforms may be any color. Light colors are popular but tend to show dirt. White looks professional but will show the slightest bit of dirt. Also it is almost an unwritten rule that a person wearing a white lab coat is usually a doctor. Dark colors don’t show dirt as much and also tend to have a slimming effect on most figures.

Some of the more popular brands of scrubs are Cherokee, Dickies and Grey’s Anatomy. You can expect to find more styles, sizes and colors in name brands than in generic or mass marketed brands. For example, a dickies lab coats may be available in short or extra long, button or zipper closing or even in colors. You also have the assurance of quality in workmanship and high grade materials with a well known brand of scrubs.