How to look for a couple therapist who can help you?

Well, finding a competent and professional couple therapist who can help in transforming your relationship into a sturdier and meaningful bond isn’t simple. Here are some tips to find a competent couple therapist:

Look for therapists with specialized training

couple therapist

Ensure the kind of therapist you visit (family therapist, marriage counselor, psychologist or professional therapist) is licensed in your state and has proper training in couple therapy approaches. Not all therapists undergo training.

Make sure you know the method they are applying to change your relationship. Some of the approaches used by professional therapists include integrative behavioral couples therapy, Gottman couples therapy, relational life therapy, emotionally focused couples therapy or psychological approach.

It is essential to look for therapists who align with the way relations work for you and not teach you the specifics of relation. You can also find a good therapist through recommendations and referrals.

Mikael Hoffmann is a practitioner and not a theorist with over 700 articles and 100s of videos. He offers distinctive and result-oriented counseling. With a success rate of 80%, he has helped a majority of people in making their relationship work again.

Talk to your prospective therapist during the first session

Once you have shortlisted a few therapists, then you should speak to them to find out if they are a good fit for you.

Know their opinion on how to make a relationship successful? How does therapy helps in the improvement of a relationship? Can he align with what you want as a client with your partner for your relationship or is he remorseful? Find out about his approach as a therapist and then make your decision about whether you go for him or not.

Michael Hoffman takes the approach of what worked rather than why it worked. He knows that every relationship is unique and different and thus follows his strategies accordingly. He offers every couple with a unique relationship solution to help them make the most out of every session.

Stick with the therapy to improve

If you have started with your therapist, then don’t drop out early or switch from one therapist to another. Experienced couple therapists know that there is a difference between addressing the issue and showcasing improvements which come from addressing the major problem.

Hence at least commit from 8to 10 sessions before assessing if the therapy is working or not. This way the deep issues will also be touched and your relationship will recover from the core.

Know it is your therapy and your relationship

It is very important to be honest with your therapist and expressing completely. If you feel misunderstood, then share better to make your therapist understand you better.  Remember your therapist is there to help you. A good therapist knows that one approach may not work for another.

If you feel resistant, then your therapist will try to emotionally connect with you and change your thinking patterns. Mikael Hofmann is a couples therapist with psycho-therapist education to help his clients have better and happier lives. No matter how depressed you are feeling in your relation, he can help you get through this with his couple coaching.