How to Increase Storage Capacity in Your Warehouse

When you own and operate a warehouse, either as a storage facility for your retail business or as your primary business, you are probably well aware of the fact that expanding your warehouse space is going to eat into your profits thanks to building costs, increased utility bills, and so on. As a result, you want to do all you can to optimize the storage space you have available. The good news is that there are myriad ways to make the most of your warehouse facility in order to maximize storage capacity. Here are some strategies you may want to employ to that end.

Storage Capacity in Your Warehouse

A good place to start is with inventory, which you must carefully plan, track, and manage. You need to be aware of which items are moving and which seem to sit on the shelves, gathering dust. This will give you some insight into what you can eliminate from your inventory in order to make more space for products that are selling well and bolstering your bottom line. Working smarter instead of harder is the best way to be productive and profitable, so pay close attention to your inventory in order to properly optimize the storage capacity in your warehouse.

You can also look into the size of product packaging if you’re storing your own products. In many cases, business start out with standard packaging sized to save money on production costs. But by creating custom packaging for your goods you could dramatically increase the amount of product you’re able to store, potentially increasing supply and sales in the process. Meeting the demand for orders is important, so if you have to spend a little money on smaller, customized packaging for goods in order to increase storage and sales, it’s probably money well spent.

Finally, you should consider reconfiguring your shelves, bins, and other storage solutions in order to optimize the placement of goods. Your shelves should be aligned so that products can be stacked without wasting any precious storage space (in terms of gaps between products and shelving). And bins should be sized not only to fit shelves, but to fit product optimally. In addition, you can space shelves to allow just enough space for your lift trucks or hand carts from Shaw Material Handling Systems, Inc. to maneuver efficiently.

And don’t forget to use all available space. Wall-to-wall storage is a good start, but don’t forget to grow up, as well as out. With appropriate storage solutions and equipment to transport and retrieve goods from storage, you should be able to increase your storage capacity. Planning and organization are paramount to this process, however, so if you don’t feel confident in your ability to optimize the layout of your warehouse or properly plan for and implement storage solutions, think about hiring professionals that have the training and experience to handle these tasks. You want your warehouse to perform at peak capacity, and this means maxing out your storage potential. So take whatever steps are necessary to reach your goals and maximize profits.