How to Get Children to Do Their Homework

Getting your child to do their homework consistently is tough, but it’s not impossible. You just need to know how to instill good habits with solid routines. Here are five ways to get children to do their homework.

Children homework

1- Designate a certain time of the day for doing homework. Children who have a good habit of finishing homework each day usually have a very consistent time when they do their homework. For some kids the best time is right after school when the ideas are still fresh in their minds, and it leaves the rest of the afternoon and evening for relaxing and spending time with family.

However, some kids need a bit of a break to have a snack and/or get some exercise before they jump into homework. Whatever routine works best, just make sure it is consistent.

2- Find another child or two who will make for a good study buddy. Sometimes it’s much easier and enjoyable for kids to work on homework when they have a friend or two to work with. If your child has any friends who live nearby and are in the same class, you can try and see if they work well together. They can ask each other questions about concepts that were difficult to understand in class, and they can also socialize a bit, but you want to make sure that they stay productive.

3- Help your child with their homework. If your child has a difficult time getting work done with friends, then it may be best for them to work with an older sibling or parent. This provides for family bonding time, as well as a great way for you to instill good habits in your child. Your child should be writing all of their assignments down in an agenda, and you can look over all of the assignments while your child works independently on the easier problems. That way, when the more difficult problems arise, you will be prepared to help them.

4- Look into tutoring. If you are finding it difficult to help your child with homework, either due to time constraints or lack of qualification, then you may want to look into tutoring. There are a lot of great tutors out there who will know exactly how to pinpoint which concepts are most difficult for your child to grasp, and they will know just how to break them down. If you can’t find anyone locally, you can always look into online tutoring, so that you can really get the best of the best, no matter where you live.

5- Offer incentives for finished homework. In the end, one of the biggest motivating factors is some kind of incentive. You want to find a reward for completing homework that is very important to your child. You also want to find a way to demonstrate that good habits are rewarded with privileges, and privileges should not be taken for granted. If your child loves to play video games, watch TV, eat a certain treat, or go to a certain restaurant, you can limit their access to these privileges under the condition that they finish their homework each night.