How To Get A Famous Singer Or Musician For Your Wedding?

Every time you have attended some ordinary person’s wedding and found a celebrity singer of musician performing, you may have secretly wondered whether it would be possible for you also.

Top-name performers were always a feature of the weddings of the rich and the famous but nowadays even relatively ordinary people seem to be able to do it with relative ease.

However, for a fact, you do need to have more than an ordinarily-deep pocket and a strong desire to jazz up your wedding like this.

Of course, there are some artists who will never perform at a wedding for money or even for love but it is really not all that difficult to have other celebrated singers entertaining your wedding guests.


Some Important Questions That You Need To Ask Yourself

What level of fame are you seeking out – a really top name or someone who has just started his career and loved by the youth?

Would you be happy to settle for a solo performer or would you require a large group?

Do you want a full-scale concert or is it okay if the artist just performs a couple of numbers to make your day special and drives off?

The reason why these questions need to be asked and answered because the cost and effort involved can be completely different and transform something utterly infeasible to a done deal.

No singer who wants to burn the charts really wants a reputation of being a wedding singer but a large enough monetary incentive can persuade them to put in a cameo performance.

Reaching Out

If you want a well-known performer or a group like wedding live band in singapore for your wedding then you need to start making the right moves really well in advance. It is not unknown for the in-demand singers to have bookings stretching back to a year or more.

Identify who their manager or agent is and shoot off an inquiry giving the full dope like what the event profile is and the date, etc. If the performer is interested, they will revert to you but you may need to push for a response as they are usually flooded with requests.

It can help if you have the assistance of someone who has access to them on a personal or professional basis. This is the single-most important reason for engaging an event management agency that deals with the celebrity for weddings on a regular basis and can contact and negotiate on your behalf.

Get a Fix on the Requirements

Irrespective of whether you have appointed an event manager or are doing it by yourself, you should fix an upper limit to the money that you will be willing to splurge on this indulgence.

Ask specific questions regarding the extras that you will be required to pay for or arrange, such as accommodation, travel, and conveyance, etc. Keep in mind that if the seats are business class and the accommodation is in five-star hotels, these extras can be quite significant when added up.

Ask the agent the total number of heads involved as well as the number of days so that you can do the math and save yourself from an expensive blunder by terminating the discussions at an appropriate time.

Find out if the performer is bringing along his sound equipment and team or whether you need to make the arrangements locally.

Special Requests

Find out if the performer has any special requests that need to be arranged for such as a dressing room, food and beverages, or even hair and makeup services.

Take a hard look at the contract before you sign on the dotted line because you really need to know what you are letting yourself in for. Ask whether you can make your own arrangements regarding the travel and accommodation or you are just expected to foot the bill.

You can save a lot of money by doing the arrangements yourself but be sure to ask them about the expected standards to prevent friction and embarrassment later on. Investigate the terms of payment and hidden clauses as best as you can.


You really don’t need to be famous to have a celebrity singer performing at your wedding but you do need to appreciate that it can be quite expensive and with a fair amount of restrictions regarding publicity and termination of the contract.

However, once you have satisfied yourself with the all that it entails, you can be sure that you will really have the most memorable wedding ever.