How To Choose The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners?

Do you want to start playing golf? Then, you must need a perfect set of golf clubs. Buying the first golf clubs set is an important issue for any golfer. Many things depend on playing with the right golf club. Of course, there are many things to consider choosing the best golf clubs for beginners.

This is important to buy the appropriate size golf clubs for playing. This will help you to feel comfortable in the course. If you buy long or short golf club, you can’t feel comfortable in the course. Moreover, this may lead injury too!


So, we will give you some effective’s tips on how to choose the best golf clubs for beginners. You can follow our bellow tips to buy the first golf clubs set for your play time.

1. Ask Friends to Play with Their Golf Clubs

Firstly, you should ask your friends or partners to try their golf clubs. This will help you to determine the type of golf club that you can buy. Of course, this will also give you some ideas and sense of a golf club.

2. Visit Golf Courses & Discuss with Professionals

Do you have time? Then, you can visit the local golf courses for seeing the games. Moreover, you can discuss with the professionals for buying the first golf clubs for you! The professionals or regular golfers can give you a good suggestion for buying the first golf clubs set.


3. Buy a Half Set of Clubs

Buying a half set of clubs is a good idea for the beginner golfers. They are specially made for the beginners because they are easy to choose and play. This set contains five irons. It does not come with the driver and two, three and four iron to play.

Those irons are hard to hit and play for the beginners. Moreover, they create an obstacle to improving your golfing experience. A half set of golf clubs helps to have a good swing without investing much time. Moreover, they will give you good experience moving to the next level.

4. Buy after Trying

You should be comfortable with the golf clubs. The golf clubs offer different range levels and hitting power. Therefore, you should try before you make a final decision to buy.

You should choose a large sporting goods store or pro shop for buying the golf clubs. Normally, they have large indoor driving ranges for the clients. So, you will have a chance to try few shots before making a decision.

You should avoid buying the first golf set from online stores because you can’t try or return them. This will become a complete loss if they don’t suit your body.

5. Choose the Perimeter-weighted Head Golf Clubs

This is the best suggestion for any beginner golfer when buying the first golf clubs. They provide you an expanded sweet spot to hit the ball. As a result, they will give you an easy way to improve playing.

They are expensive golf clubs in the market. But, they are the best for any beginner golfer. Normally, they are trending to be lightweight and easy to swing to play in the course. As a beginner, you can play faster and quicker using the golf clubs.

6. Watchlist for Buying Used Golf Clubs

Don’t you want to buy a new set of golf clubs? Then, you should look for a good-conditioned golf clubs. You should focus on the grip condition of the clubs.

This is important to have a comfortable grip to play for a long time. Otherwise, you need to replace the golf club’s grip. Again, this could be hard to find a same size and model of grip. So, you need to check everything especially grip for buying a used golf club.

Some additional Tips

Along with the above steps, you need to follow some additional tips too. The tips will make your selection easier and simpler than others.

  • You should know your height for getting the right size of the golf club. Otherwise, you will face difficulty to get the right length. Ask your partner or friend to measure your height.
  • Instead of buying the first suited golf clubs set, you should try two or three suited set. This will help you to find the best out of best golf clubs. As a beginner golfer, your golf club is the most significant thing.


Now you know how to choose the best first golf clubs for a beginner golfer. You can follow our tips so that you can find a suitable set for your course play time.

Of course, you need to give full concentration when playing the game. Otherwise, the best-suited golf club can’t improve your playing style and experience. Do you have any question about our steps? Then, feel free to ask through the comment box, we will give you a quick solution.