How To Buy The Best Sprinkler For Perfectly Manicured Lawns

Having beautiful and careful manicured lawns and garden adds aesthetic value to your home, adds beauty and gives you something to be proud of. The love of nature is an inherent aspect of humanity and we marvel at green gardens with rainbows of color from flowers.


It takes a lot to achieve that ultimate garden/ lawn and you will need the best landscaping personnel to work on your garden and lawns. You will also need a reliable sprinkler to have the beauty all year round. Just envision hundreds of butterflies on your garden/ lawn; isn’t it amazing? Well, consider these factors when looking for a sprinkler:

  • Installation

Custom lawn sprinklers have to be installed in a particular way. This means that you’ll need an ardent, experienced person to install the sprinkler. A perfectly installed sprinkler covers your lawn and garden well without wasting water. The installation should be in a way that minimizes disturbance to your lawns.

  • Testing

When purchasing or shopping for sprinklers, go through and ask about the shop’s policy on testing their products on site before use. Most custom lawn sprinklers have pressurized vacuum breakers that should be tested annually. You will have peace of mind knowing that the sprinkler is well connected. This will prevent backflows too.

  • Winterization

You do not need sprinklers in winter and they might malfunction. Buy custom lawn sprinklers from a company that service your sprinkler before and after winter. This includes discounts on repairs and parts because your system might freeze and break. The sprinkler you pick has to be shut in winter and compressed air forced through the valves. A reliable company will offer this service.

  • General Plumbing

Most companies only sell sprinklers and other plumbing equipment but lack professional plumbers. This is a handy factor to consider because tracing plumbers could be hectic. You might also get whack plumbers with no experience on the specifications of the sprinkler on your lawn.

  • Customer Reviews

Well, you might have visited a shop online and from their website, they have the best equipment. That might fool you. Their terms and customer support services might be terrible. Maybe they do not pick calls or do overcharge you on delivery and installation. Let other people’s experiences save you the trouble.

Customer complaints or thumbs ups should be a guide through your research.

  • Rotors

Depending on your preference and size of the lawn, field or golf course, pick a sprinkler with the most reliable and efficient rotors. Whether you have a space of 15 feet or 160 feet, the rotor you pick should adequately fit your specifications.

  • Technology used

No one wants to get out all the time to manually turn the sprinkler on and off. Custom-made lawn sprinklers have been designed with the best type of technology for automation of irrigation. The timers and sensors used should be easy to work with. They should be repairable in case of breakdowns.

  • Spare parts

The worst possible event that can happen to you and dampen your spirits would be missing spare parts for repairing and servicing your sprinkler. Conduct research and determine the best sprinkler for your lawns. Spares should be available locally to ease the burden of importing parts or even buying new brands.

Keep this information in mind and keep your lawn as beautiful as you can. Your kids and visitors will enjoy the outdoors.

Author Bio

Andrea Velasquez is an exterior and interior designer and a landscaping artist. With 20 years of experience in the field, she has designed and managed many homeowners’ lawns, private and commercial golf courses. Her exterior design and landscaping consultancy firm encourages use of custom lawn sprinklers. Visit their website for more information.