How to Better Deal with Stress at School?

Stress is often one of the factors, which lead to children’s poor performance during tests and everyday classes. Children, who suffer from too much stress have problems with learning new things and developing new skills. Therefore, it is really important to help your child deal with the stress. Recognizing the source of the stress is crucial to finding the best method, so start from discussing the problem with your children, before you take any actions.

stressedThe fear of underperforming

If a child gets only bad grades at school, then at some point the fear of the consequences of failing at the next test is too much to handle. Good students can also develop severe fear of tests, because they are afraid that they will not achieve as good results, as it is expected of them. To help children overcome their fears, let them know that you support them regardless of their achievements. Good students will benefit the most from techniques, which develop self confidence, while students with poor results might need extra classes to better master the subject. Be prepared that if your child is bad at math, the last thing he or she wants is to study more of the hated subject, therefore in order to allow your children to rediscover the pleasure of studying math, introduce them to a new, innovative and fun method, such as Singapore Math, which is significantly different from the traditional curriculum. To learn more about the method, check a Singapore Math workbook or visit one of many websites dedicated to teaching the method.

Bad atmosphere during classes

Students, who are capable of achieving good results, might find it difficult to cope with a stressful situation during their everyday classes and it can affect their performance. The stressful atmosphere might be a result of bullying or bad relations with the teacher. Discuss the matter thoroughly with your child before visiting the school and try to find a good solution together with your child’s teachers.