How to become a radiologic technologist?

Are you interested in a career as radiologic technologist? Then, you will want to go for proper training. There are special schools providing interested people with the training on radiologic technology. This helps many to achieve a first-level position. Many well renowned programs are also available containing a combination of typical classroom studies and on-site work experience with radiologic technologists. However, you need to be certified to become a radiologic technologist.

radiologic technologistMost employers look for radiologic technologists certified by the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists), an organization in charge for maintaining standards for educational preparation for appointment as radiologic technologists in health care industry. They do this by preparing and administering certification exams and evaluate the knowledge and skills required for a radiologic technologist who is utilized by professional practices.

ARRT certification exam entry needs candidates graduated from an ARRT accredited program and win the exam. If radiologic technologists attend and pass the exam, they will be certified and considered as highly qualified persons in radiation therapy, medical imaging and interventional processes. Candidates must go through a 24 hours of continuing education (CE) every two years for maintaining the ARRT certification.

The ARRT association follows and maintains standards for educational preparation for entry as radiologic technologist in the health care industry and also conducts and supervises exams that evaluate the knowledge and skills underlying the performance of jobs traditionally needed by a professional practice. Fortunately, there are many ARRT CE credits conducted by many websites online, which are approved and accepted by all employers and states in US, including California and Florida. is one of the most reputable sources for ARRT CE credits with interesting and easy to follow courses. These courses provide you with required CE credits along with essential, up to date data on modern trends.