How to Become a Landscape Designer

A landscape designer goes about designing and creating functional and aesthetically appealing outdoor spaces. If you become a landscape designer you could take up assignments on residential complexes, single homes, business complexes and even parks. You would be considering pre-existing structures, local climate, terrain and most importantly drainage. Keeping these factors and your client’s desires in mind, you would be designing gardens, walkways, ponds, fountains and other truly appealing outdoor features.

You would be taking decisions regarding what vegetation you would prefer for creating a relatively more eco-friendly ambiance. Your primary task is designing, but you need to oversee and coordinate with construction as well as other workers who would be assisting you in completing your project and translate your vision into a reality.

Here are the steps you must follow to achieve your aim of becoming a landscape designer:

  1. You Must Acquire a Bachelor’s or An Associate’s Degree
  • Undergraduate programs are offered in horticulture, landscape design, or any other relevant field. These programs equip students with adequate knowledge in planting design, horticulture, drawing, and landscape maintenance as well as construction principles. It is mandatory for students to complete a number of hands-on projects. Many programs offer full-time internships. Students could further their career by taking up advanced courses or programs in business management, estimation, contracts and bidding.
  • You could take up a professional landscape design course that would guide you on ways to become a landscape design professional. The course has been designed to equip you with the perfect knowledge and information. It is definitely a perfect learning package that comprises a starter kit meant for your first professional meeting. The Diploma in Garden Design is a professional package consisting of exercises, tips, and relevant knowledge. The package aims at providing you with your very own private, but permanent reference library that you could consult even after quite a long while post completion of the professional course. Browse through for more information.
  • Boosting your technical skills really helps. All students should aspire in gaining design software skills like the AutoCAD. Technical skills could help you in finding a suitable job and in effectively advancing your landscape designing careers. You should have sound computer skills including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel etc.
  1. Gather Practical Experience

Several schools offer bachelor’s programs in collaboration with private firms and also, governmental agencies for giving students the golden opportunity for developing practical horticultural skills. Students could opt for some part time assignments for bagging an excellent landscape design job.

  1. Network for Grabbing a Landscape Design Job Offer

Prospective landscape designers require capitalizing on internships. Moreover, you could become a student member of various organizations. You could rely on grounds keeper job and internships for acquiring a full time landscape design job. Also, you could join student organizations like the ELA (Ecological Landscaping Association) and APLD (Association of Professional Landscape Designers). You get the golden opportunity of networking with professional designers at conferences and events.

  1. Obtain and Upgrade Certifications

You must obtain accredited and affiliated cortication. For instance, a certification recognized by the APLD may add credibility to a landscape designer. You would be required to provide suitable evidence of achieving adequate education in landscape designing equivalent to minimum 12 months of full-time study and coming up with a portfolio containing three designs that fulfill minimum scope and size requirements. Professionals could maintain certification by completing at least 30 credits of Official Continuing Education Coursework, once in three years.

Author Bio: Peter Murray is a career counselor who has been guiding students and inspiring them to take up a profession as per one’s aptitude and liking. He browses through famous sites such as for gathering more information.