How to Arrange Furniture in Your Bedroom?

Having a disorganized bedroom is not only very frustrating but it can also actually affect your sleeping patterns, and therefore, your overall wellbeing. 

Furniture arrangement is a delicate art form and is key to a successful room. A slight rearrangement of your furniture can make a dramatic difference in your sleeping space.

Here are some hot tips on how to rearrange your bedroom furniture in an efficient and productive way.

Furniture in Your Bedroom

Draw a map

The first thing you need to do when rearranging your furniture in any room is to get a birds-eye perspective of the space and a great way to do this is to get yourself a pen and a large piece of paper and draw a map of the bedroom.

Draw the approximate shape of the room on the paper and use a second piece of paper to individually draw each item of furniture you’d like to have in the room.

Once you’ve drawn these pieces, cut them out and rearrange them in a variety of different ways until you have something that works to suit your style.

Think in parallel lines

When arranging any room, it’s best to complement the parallel lines of the walls and the furniture. Thinking in parallel and perpendicular lines will help keep a natural flow to space.

If your furniture placement is askew and thrown together willy-nilly, it’ll less likely create an aesthetic balance.

Think about room flow

The flow of any room should depend upon what the room is being used for. In the case of the bedroom, the flow of traffic is less than a living room, but it’s still important to think about what parts of your room will be passed through and which will be occupied by furniture.

Ensure that the doorway has plenty of room to open adequately and that there is plenty of room on another side of the bed to climb in and out of both sides.


Sometimes, no amount of rearranging your furniture is going to save you from the fact that your bedroom just isn’t working. In which case, it might be time for an upgrade.

Services like Singapore bedroom renovation can help you a lot in getting ideas on renovation and doing all the upgrades including the carpentry work.

Once you’ve got yourself upgraded you might find that the rearranging process will come a little easier.

Find a focal point

Finding a central focal point in your bedroom is the key to successfully rearranging and reorganizing the space.

If you have doors opening up to a balcony or a curious light fixture, a fireplace, or even an eye-grabbing piece of furniture, you’re going to want to focus all of the energy and flow in that particular direction.

The idea is to lead the eye to that place. In the case of a bedroom, the focal point is often the bed itself, for obvious reasons, but remember, it doesn’t always have to be.