How the format of your dissertation should look like?

Are you preparing a dissertation project? Then you might have an idea about how the layout should look like. However, here we discuss about how a dissertation’s layout should be.

Choosing the paper

You have to use a finest, clean white paper of 8 1/2 “X 11” for dissertation. And, keep your texts appearing on only one side of the paper.


Margins will vary as per your writing style. The style of writing is determined by your teacher and so, asking him/her and following their instructions will be fine.

Paragraphs & numbering pages

Make the pages numbered so that readers can be sure of the order of the dissertation. Put numbers in the upper right hand corner leveled with the margin and ½” from top. Use Arabic numbers for the main body of dissertation. Never decorate the paper and remember to write your name before the page number so that reader can easily find your papers even they are messed up with others.

Line Space

Give double space to the whole paper so that your teacher can leave comments.

Words space

Leave one space between words as well as after every coma, colon and semi-colon.


Leave ½” space for indentation at the beginning of every paragraph.

Table of contents

For a dissertation, table of contents is a must. You can mention the main segments of your research in the table of contents.


Don’t use any phrase or special word as symbol at the end of dissertation. It is enough to have a period at the end of last sentence. Anyway, ending dissertation with a conclusion that m up the outcome of your research or the concept of your dissertation will be worth and appreciated by your teacher.

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