How Scary the World Wide Web Can Ever Get?

The 21st century is such a world, where technology rules. Right from the morning alarm with which human being wakes up, to the last phone call made at the end of the day, everyone is connected to something or somewhere at all the times.

In most of the cases, this convenience of technology delivered actually helped in enhancing the quality of life. But as the consumers of technology, there are certain risk factors and threats as well. And being aware of all these factors is the safest way to fall in trap with it. There’s nothing to be scared of it, but speaking about the scary sides can only help things to come into broad daylight.

A famous incident of hacking the luxury cars came out in the news in 2015, where two of the white hackers actually developed software that could easily and wirelessly take control over the Jeep Cherokee, while someone was already in the driver’s seat. Since it was a test dummy, and the driver himself volunteered the entire process, nothing obscene took place.

With the help of just their own laptops, the hackers used just a zero-day exploit to control the entire Jeep remotely. The first set of things that the hackers took control of is the air conditioning system of the car, the radio, and the windshield. However hard the driver might try, his or her attempt to dysfunction them were useless since the hackers by then had their complete control of the vehicle.

While the car was on the runway, the hackers cut the transmission, and since it was just an experiment, they had the chance of communicating with the driver and told him to how to accelerate it again. So this entire incidence can show what exactly the cyber criminals are capable of and how one can fall prey to it in the midway.

According to Sitelock Reviews , if there’s such a problem, there must be a solution to it as well. While carrying out several tests regarding how such a hack could be possible, they found out that all the electrical components of the luxury vehicles nowadays are connected to the Electrical Control Unit through an internal network.

If the hackers ever find any access to the ECU, which is vulnerable to such an extent, they can potentially take over the brake or even the engine. Henceforth, several cyber security guidelines were given by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and all the brands have started integrating their system with firewalls designed by reputed brands in the market, among which includes SiteLock as well.

Instances of website hacking are numerous, and with just one single click the hackers get to have IP addresses, download history and all sorts of personal information uploaded. As per Sitelock Reviews , this is the reason why experts keep asking businesses or even individuals to integrate with the website application firewall of the best quality in the market.

The lists of the critical risk factors never tend to end, and hence one must keep prepared and try preventing it from happening.