How Does a Compounding Pharmacist Work?

Using a compounding pharmacist is very easy, however new patients may feel a bit apprehensive at first. Compounding allows a pharmacist to produce medications that are designed for each individual patient. There are many benefits including a variety of formats, flavours and even dose sizes. Still some think that it is harder because it is not the same as picking up a mass produced medication. Read the following before you fill your next prescription to learn more about how a compounding pharmacist works.

Compounding Pharmacist

Do I Need a Prescription?

Compounding pharmacists make their own medications, but they still require a prescription. This aspect is exactly the same whether you choose compounding or mass produced products. The prescription is necessary to let your doctor tell the chemist exactly what you need. This is not something the average person can determine on their own, so an official prescription will be required.

How Do I Find a Compounding Pharmacist?

Locating a good compounding pharmacist is easier now than it’s ever been in modern times. You may have one operating in your area. You can always call around or ask your doctor for a recommendation. The quickest way to find a compounding pharmacist is to check the internet. Some companies have a much larger service area because they can accept prescriptions online and ship them out to anywhere in Australia.

How Do I Send in My Prescription?

This process is handled essentially the same way it is handled with a non-compounding pharmacy. You can deliver the prescription by hand at the pharmacy or send it via email. This is a much more convenient method if you aren’t located close to the pharmacy. Your compounding pharmacist may be willing to start making your medication while you mail the prescription in. Fax is also an option. If you have any questions, you should contact the compounding pharmacy directly to find out which submission method is best for you.

How Do I Get My Prescription?

If you happen to live near the compounding pharmacy, you can always travel to the location and pick it up. Many patients have found that the easiest option is to have the prescription shipped. Pharmacies are very customer-friendly and want to offer hassle-free options that don’t require a long trip. You can have your medication shipped directly to your front door. It’s even less hassle than driving to the local non-compounding pharmacy!

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