Hostgator coupon offers the best customer service

If you’ve ever been on the marketing for a web hosting company, you’ll know that there is an overwhelming amount of different choices. Not only is there a tremendous amount of different companeis, but also there are countless options in terms of what you can get. From shared hosting to virtual private services and dedicated servers, to Windows hosting and Linux hosting, picking a hosting computer can be quite trick. Due to this, is it paramount that youw work with a company that can give you help every step of the way where needed.

webhosting300x257Host gator, in particular, is a great option for both big and small businesses as there are a ton of different options to choose from.Couple all of this with an affordable price and great customer service and it’s quite easy to see why they is one of the most popular web hosts.


First and foremost, lets consider the price. Some hosting companies offer services that are very exoribtantly priced. While this is in some cases merited (as is the case with dedicated services) it’s much more often that these companeis are simply going after people that don’t know their options. Luckily, when considering this particular hosting company you can’t go wrong. Host gator offers a wide variety of different hosting packages from shared unlimited hosting starting at just $3.96 per month all the way up to dedicated servers starting at $139 per month. Which one is right for you, you ask? It depends on what you plan on doing. If you’re a new Webmaster just starting a page, shared hosting will probably be for you. If you’re looking to run a virtual machine to take load off your own computer, VPS hosting is probably a better option. If, however, you are an established brand looking to make the switch from an old host but need to handle a lot of traffic, you’re definitely going to want to look at dedicated servers.

What they offer

Now they we’ve established this company provides a great price point, we need to consider what actually can actually provide for you, the customer. The easy answer here is essentially everything you can ever want in terms of hosting. As mentioned above, Host gator offers shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans. However, it goes much deeper than that as this companies features are plentiful. With each shared hosting plan comes the following abilities:

  • Easy Control Panel
  • 1-Click Installation of many scripts (including WordPress)
  • $100 Google AdWords Credit
  • 99.9% Uptime Gaurantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support

As you can see, virtually everything you need to get up and running is including in each of their hosting plans. Not only do you have enough disk space and bandwidth to grow for the forseeable future but their 1-click instalation of scripts makes it easy to get your website up and running in no time. To top things off, they throw in $100 of free Google AdWords credits that can be used towards building up your viewership and, hopefully, driving sales.

Customer Service

Last but not least, hostcouponlist offers some of the best customer service on the market today. As mentioned before, this customer service is available 24/7/365 so no matter what problem you have; there will always be a specialist there to help you along the way. This is great for beginners who are just getting their first website up and running as not knowing what your doing can be quite intimidating. However, this is also a great producitivty tool for more experienced users. If something goes wrong with your website but you don’t have time to fix it, their customer service team will be there to free up your time and get your website back up and running.

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