Home Water Coolers: Different Types and Uses

Certainly different regions have to bear more devastating consequences of being located much closer to the equator than others. That is the reason why consumption of water coolers and refrigerators in some states is always more than their neighbors. Home Water Coolers act as the perfect replacement for soda and alcoholic drinks available in the markets to sooth the thirsty throats in hot summers.

water coolers

Those who don’t like depending upon the external forces might get the independence to get their own chilled drinks whenever required. Home Water Coolers provide filtered cold water to the users. Water coolers are of different types depending upon the purpose they serve, like:

  • Home water coolers
  • Office water coolers
  • Bottle less water coolers

The basic difference between home water coolers and office water coolers is among their designs. Office water coolers have a big square design where a jug is situated on the top of the machine. They produce great results and are capable of cooling more quantity of water more quickly than others.

Bottle Less water coolers are now days very much in trend. These water coolers can be relocated to other places and there is no fear of getting the water spilled out on the floor during usage. The bottles in the machine are actually replaced by the attached jugs which do not let the water get spilled out on the floor. The size of jugs can be chosen by the customers individually along with the design and colour of the machine.

Bottle Less water coolers have been created in a very artistic way. Most of them look like coffee pots and cappuccino machines. They can fit on a commonly found counter well and can cater to your cold water needs all the time. They generally have a filter inside so safety is guaranteed.

Water coolers are now available with warrantee and guarantee provisions with their respective water cooler parts. It makes them a perfect choice for the consumers this way. Water Cooler Parts are readily available in the local markets so there is no issue about the machine getting jammed and useless once it’s properly installed in the house.