GTA 5: Review and Tips for Android Users

If you are an enthusiastic or an over achiever you are surely going to determine to unlock every single achievement that Grand Theft Auto 5 has to offer. 

 This over prospered game has been designed and developed by Rockstar games that has been doing round since it stepped in to the gaming industry.

In GTA online the survival mode is unlocked at the rank 15 which isn’t available instantly. The Rockstar team has mentioned that GTA V will have the minimal loading but it is not until you sit down and witness yourself how achieving it is. 

No matter how many set pieces or explosions that can be worked in the game, but there are smallest details that boost people’s love for the game.

GPS Goes Down When Your Are In The Tunnel

The GTA V built in GPS is lovely additional feature of the game that stops working when you are hidden in the tunnel, which makes it a wonderful touch to the game.

Radio Stations Aren’t Working Entire Time

The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game feels realistic as you know that the radio stations cannot be tuned depending in which corner of the world you are. This feature is worth applause

Car Crash Victims Reactions

The visuals aren’t same like how they show in the games that has several car crashes. This one has different. It has real people screaming, anger and terror seen on the roads, also the there are odd drivers showing their angers by exiting from their car and beating your face.

The Characters

The game doesn’t have the usual animated characters, this looks real. The gestures of calling, speaking to others, using devices aren’t faking rather the digital animation gives you is awesome.

Initially the GTA 4 was a serious game that has limited excitement compared to GTA 5. However GTA 5 much more entertaining. The background score, scene, visuals, characters and their tones are genuinely done well.

The game is easy to play and the movement is sleek. The best thing being, game is now available for Android users. If you want you can download and install gta 5 apk for free online to get the amazing experience. The method is quite simple and you can get all the details about how to download and install it when you check it online.

So why not leave all the fun behind. Just get it on your android phone to enjoy the stunning visuals and graphics of the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (apk game).