How is Group-500 the favorite trading platform of most traders?

A trading platform gains its credibility with the services and safety features it offers. Group-500 has great content in both fields.

Though relatively new, it is a brokerage on par with the most famous trading forms in the present trading market. Some of the points to prove it are given below:

Free Time to Make Money with Trading

Myriad of trading accounts

Group-500 gives every trader a chance to maximize their trading profits with an account of their suitability.

You can choose an account depending on your investment and goals. For a basic trader, Silver account is recommended while for a Pro VIP account is suggested.

You can choose from silver, gold, platinum, signature and VIP accounts which require a minimum deposit of $10,000, $25,000, $ 50,000, $250,000 and $1000,000, respectively.

You are provided with different leverage options and other exclusive features with different accounts.

Best trading platform

Group 500 offers web trading to its traders. It has an assorted list of features which include user-friendly interface, single click trade, different trading charts, algo-trading, third-party bridging, safe trading channels, access to worldwide trading market, buy/sell limit and stop and more.

You can trade via your smartphone, tablet or desktop on any browser and any operating system you want. No matter if you own Android or iOS or choose Firefox or Chrome, you can access Group-500 with ease.

Wide range of trading instruments

Group-500 is a popular brokerage because of the number of instruments it offers in different markets such as forex, futures, commodities, indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies. So, pick instruments from different assets and make a diverse portfolio to enhance your profits.


It allows a trader to pre-set commands to buy, sell and trade assets. You don’t have to be available all the time to monitor your trades. The trades will execute according to the preset commands.

Educational program

Group-500 has an education system to meet the needs of their clients and offer sufficient knowledge to empower them to make good trading decisions.

So, now that you know the amazing features of Group-500, you can easily say why it is the favorite of all types of traders.