Glass cleaning cloths for your daily cleaning

What if using only plain water can bring a perfect shine to the glass in house? People often carry out the task of cleaning various things like glass counter tops, glass furniture, show case and mirrors with various detergent waters or cleaning agents that involves in chemicals in them.

cleaning and polishing cloth

Normal cloths tend to leave the streaks and lint behind on the glass. Using very soft cloth or tissue papers does not seem to clean the panes properly. The microfiber polishing cloth can help one in cleaning the glass materials as well as stainless steel materials easily and that too without the use of any chemicals or detergents. Just water and the cloth itself can get the glass cleaned and make it shine perfectly.

Just like the norwex cleaning cloths these SouWax cleaning and polishing cloths cleans the glass very efficiently. The only difference is that that this cloth is a bit cheaper and is easily available. One can order them online. They usually come in a pack of three equal sized cloths. One can easily place the order and get the item delivered at the door step by the delivery boy.

Not only glass materials but one can also clean the stainless steel materials and utensils with this cloth. Using chemicals might cause harm to the surfaces like it can take of the original shine of the glass or discolor the transparency of the glass. Use of water only without any chemicals can keep the color and shine intact and make the glass material last longer.