Get The Advantage of United States Based Shipping and Mail Forwarding Services

If you’ve been online shopping, you know that there are a lot of products out there that you probably want to buy, but sometimes there’s something stopping you from making that purchase: shipping rates.
Shipping costs are an inevitable part of online shopping, though when the shipping cost of a small item exceeds the price of the item itself, it can be a little ridiculous. 
Most of the shipping costs are calculated based on where the package is being shipped to, so shipping it overseas is bound to be a costly investment, which is why most US based sellers don’t ship worldwide, and those that do overcharge for shipping.

If you’ve never heard of a mail forwarding service, you probably have never bought an item from the United States that had a decent shipping rate. 
A mail forwarding service is a service that holds a package and ships it off to the actual destination once the package arrives. 
The point of having a middle man during the shipping process is to cut down on the costs of international shipping.
They also help with any chargeback related issues if you require to have one during the shopping.

Some of the best chargeback sites can also be checked that can help you a lot in case you have any issues. 

When you are going to use a United States based mail forwarding service, you need to get in contact with the company first. They will ask you the product that you are looking to buy and will ask for your credit or debit card information. 
The mail forwarding company will use an America debit or credit card in order to fool the seller into thinking that the product is going to someone in the United States, which will drastically cut the shipping costs. 
The mail forwarding service will take the cost of the product and shipping out of your account as well as any small fees that may apply that have been discussed before any information is exchanged.

Once the product is bought, it’s up to the seller to ship the package to the mail forwarding service. 

Once the package arrives there, you can ask for the information about the package such as if there has been any damage, the weight of the package, or you can ask them to open and repackage it. 
Once you have all of the information you need about the package, you can then pick how you would like the package to be delivered to you. 
You can pick the date that the package will be sent out and it will be guaranteed to be shipped that business day or the following business day.

If you need a refund on a product, all you have to do is get into contact with the mail forwarding service again and ship the package back to them and they will handle the rest for you as well as reimburse you for the product as soon as the refund is given to the American debit or credit card that was used to make the original purchase. 

This method is long and a bit tedious, but in the end, it will save you copious amounts of money on shipping internationally.