Get Customized Services from SCI Group and Enhance Your Business Efficiency

Among SCI’s exclusive customized services the top popular is OEM Solutions and Private Labeling Facility. If you’re not still aware of SCI and its activities, then please be informed that based in California SCI of Secure Call Management Inc. is a next generation call center service providing associates. The company was founded by Robert Klayman with a great hope to help business enterprises to stay away common problems relating to call centers and obtain highly skilled cost effective customer communication services from SCI group.

Business Growth

If you’ve a higher volume of sales, you can plan for obtaining your custom-made telemarketing services from the professionals of SCI as an OEM solution. To avail this wonderful personalized service all you have to do is to pay a bare-minimum charges which you can easily collect from your clients. For further information please call at its corporate phone number.

Some of the services of SCI group are given below:

Inbound and Outbound

For any commercial business house, the significance of perfect customer dealing and business communication can never be denied. Especially, in this globalized business era, proper customer communication in connection with corporate activities, services as well as product campaigning is essential to stay competitive and develop. Once you obtain the call center services of Secure Call Management Inc., you can be sure that your business is likely to be backed by a team of highly trained professionals’ expert outbound marketing and customer dealing. Secure Call Management offers expert services having been outfitted with more than 800 techniques of campaigns which are especially researched and are introduced by the company in order to boost lead and sales.

3rd Party Verification

One of the unique services from the house of Secure Call Management is third party verification. This applies to all sorts of outbound sales promotional activates. Such third party verification is vital for a business enterprise and the proprietary concept of SCM in verification process can be proved helpful.

Customer Relationship Management

Proper communication, coordination and support to customers are the major aspects that help you maintain healthy customer relationship. And, better customer relationship is the key of success. The SCI, founded by Robert Klayman is outfitted with highly skilled employees who are given complete knowledge and training about your company background, product and services. This helps them to update your valued customers about products, new schemes prices and help create a healthy customer relationship.

Order Entry/Database Management

Robert Klayman and his team members interface directly with your establishment to avail all data sources that are essential to make your customers up to date about their online transactions and overall account. Be rest assured that this CA based next generation company is equipped with advanced level of security system and maintain absolute privacy of all your dealing that you undergo with the group.

Customized Services

With more than Eight hundred product/ service campaigning techniques, SCI is your always right choice, regardless of your business type and budget. From first communication to lead generation or in deal completion SCI is a ‘second to none’ solution providing company for you.

SCM Signature Startup

For the initial ninety days, what you pay against the services you receive from Robert Klayman is exceptionally low. Now, if your volume strikes 10,000 or more orders a month, the fees you pay is further discounted. This is a special facility designed for the valued customers of SCI.