Generate and Secure Passwords with the Tento RemindMe App

The problem of cyber security has been on the rise, affecting the privacy of many online users. Many people are now scared to make purchases online as they think someone on the other end will steal their information and use their money. Password hacks have led to the loss and exposure of private information, and that has to stop. A new startup company, Tento listed on Kickstarter has created a technology that will prevent the continuous hacking of password.

The Tento RemindMe App is created with an improved visual cryptography that will help in generating and storing passwords in the form of images. It is not easy for the malware and hackers to read images. The normally used text passwords are easy to crack by several commands. However, the image form proves to provide better security.

Solutions provided by the app

Refresh and remind

When using this option, the app will generate and refresh your password on demand. The app can be used on either a personal PC, tablet or mobile phone. You can give each password a unique identifier to avoid confusing between different passwords. You can generate as many passwords as you want for each application like the bank, email or stores.

Registering on the app

The first thing you have to do is download the app to your device from the Tento website. Register on the app using your email and get your TentoID once the app is installed on the device. You should be set to start generating and securing your random passwords on the app.

You can still use the same ID on other devices that support the app. This way you should be able to log into your account from a PC in case the phone gets lost. Since the app only asks for your email address during registration, many people feel secure, as they are not revealing too much information online.

Password reminder

Whenever you feel like you cannot remember your password for a particular site, simply tap on remind to display. The password is displayed long enough for you to type in your log in. We do not store such passwords on our servers neither does your phone. The password reminder still displays the passwords in the image form to avoid malware intrusion.

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