The world of fashion is very complicated, but if we talk about children’s fashion, it is something even more complex.

Children have special needs and require different attention to make them feel safe on the catwalk or in the studio.

For this reason, there are professionals who are dedicated to fashion photography with children, and among them, one name stands out.

Gabito Rohh is a photographer specializing in the world of children. He has specialized in fashion photography starring boys and girls from 4 to 14 years old.

His experience in this sector has earned him to be recognized as one of the specialists in dealing with the youngest models.


Boys and girls need special treatment in fashion photography sessions. Many photographers do not take into account these particular characteristics of children.

Gabito Rohh has been working with them for years and focuses on making them comfortable, enjoying this demanding job, and bringing out the best of themselves in each session.

Some experiences can become traumatic, something that does not happen in the hands of professionals like him.

Gabito Rohh’s work can be seen in many advertising campaigns for dozen of brands, both photographic and catwalks, that he has produced in various countries.

In each and every one of these sessions, it is achieved that the naturalness and quality in children are the absolute protagonists, thanks to the joint work between the photographer, his team, and his little models.

The images of Gabito Rohh can be seen on his Instagram, where you can appreciate all the strength of the photos captured by the objective of this professional.


But Gabito Rohh’s activities go beyond simple photography.

The photographer suffered from TDAH in his childhood, which motivated him to work with children and try to get their full potential, and for years he has worked training and supporting young people who want to dedicate themselves to the world of fashion and acting.

In addition, it also offers support to parents, to accompany their sons and daughters in this training process and in their later careers.

Among the activities carried out by Gabito’s company, Happy Kids Media, is the organization of a summer camp for children who want to start a career as children’s fashion models.

“The Kids Fashion Camp” is organized together with Petit Style Magazine and is a unique educational-recreational activity in the world.

Intense, fun, and very practical for those little ones who are beginning to be models, stylists, photographers, communicators, or designers in the future.


Gabito Rohh began his career dedicating himself to the little ones.

His closeness, his way of treating them during their training and their work, with respect and understanding, makes it a point of reference for those who want to start working in this exciting world.

Counseling parents and guardians are also essential and part of its success is due to the fact that they understand each step carried out in the child’s formation process.

Boys, girls, and parents are satisfied and happy with the work done by the coach, photographer, and excellent professional who works with them to get their best image.

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